Climate change is ‘a species of crisis’, and the government is ‘doomed to extinction’

The science of climate change is so complex that it’s hard to pin down just what is causing it, a leading scientific body says, and warns that the planet may be doomed to extinction unless it acts to stem the worst impacts.

In a scathing assessment of the state of science, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said the impacts of climate-induced global warming are becoming “more pronounced” and the impacts could become “more severe” before the end of the century.

“The severity of the climate-related impacts and their consequences on human well-being is becoming increasingly apparent,” said the IPCC in a statement on Wednesday.

“While the global warming potential of the Earth remains at around 2°C, the rate of increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increasing.”

These increased greenhouse gases are contributing to increasing average global surface temperatures and altering global weather patterns, as well as to changing patterns of sea-surface temperatures and the amount of ice on land.

“The IPCC said this would lead to increased sea-level rise, coastal erosion and extreme weather events, with rising temperatures leading to more extreme rainfall events, more extreme heat waves, and higher sea levels.

The report also found that climate change can impact the human population, with many of the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate changes.

The IPCC also said there are clear signs that the Earth is becoming less and less habitable, as extreme weather patterns are becoming more frequent and intense, with more severe droughts, heat waves and floods occurring.”

Global average temperature has increased by 0.7°C since the 1950s and by 1.4°C in the last 40 years, which is more than double the global average of the 1950 to 2010 period,” the report said.”

This is likely to lead to an increasing risk of water-borne diseases and deaths, and potentially to greater levels of CO 2 in the air and in the oceans.

“As the Earth warms, it is increasingly likely that many species and habitats will disappear, and these changes will increase the threat to the survival of humans and other species.”

The report, called “Climate Change: The End of an Era?” also warned that the effects are already being felt.

“For example, the Arctic has been shrinking at a rate of about 0.2 km per year, and sea levels have risen by about 30 cm in the past 100 years,” the authors said.

This is the first time the IPCC has released a scientific assessment of climate science, and it has received almost no criticism from scientists or the scientific community.

However, the report warned that unless we act now, it may take centuries to recover from the impacts from climate change, and said “there is a good chance that the future may be one of even greater human suffering.”

“It is vital that we act as soon as possible to prevent a rapid rise in temperature and the further degradation of ecosystems,” it said.

In its statement, the IPCC said that while “climate change is happening in many ways and in many places, it remains largely unexplained”.

“The extent of the impact on humans is not well understood, and the consequences are not understood,” it added.

“We must continue to pursue solutions to address the threat and to avoid irreversible changes in the environment.”

It also said that “a global consensus exists that the climate is changing” and that the impacts will continue.

“There is a growing recognition of the urgent need to mitigate the impacts by mitigating carbon emissions, adapting to climate change and reducing emissions from fossil fuel burning,” it wrote.

“However, many of us remain unaware of the nature of the risks and uncertainties associated with these efforts.”

“The most pressing challenge is how to deal with climate change in a way that can reduce its negative effects on humanity and the environment while remaining economically viable.”

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