Crash Course: A look at the environmental diversity of the world’s ecosystems

It’s a common misconception that the planet is teeming with the life of the mind, with billions of species inhabiting its ecosystems.

In reality, the answer is a resounding yes, but with an interesting twist.

The most diverse regions of the planet have been found to be the rainforests, with the Himalayas being one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.

It’s not just that there are more plants and animals in the rainforest than anywhere else in the Earth’s ecosystem, but the diversity of their ecosystems has been significantly increased.

The world’s largest rainforest is located in the western hemisphere, and in the drier, wetter conditions of southern India, it’s possible to see more vegetation than anywhere on earth.

While it’s true that rainforesters have the capacity to support all species in the tropics, the forests in the dry, arid regions of India are home to only a tiny handful of plants.

In other words, they have been largely wiped out.

In the rain forests of southern Europe, for instance, only around one-third of the rain forest is in good shape.

The other 90% is a wasteland of barren scrub and wildflowers, and these areas have the most biodiversity of any region on Earth.

This is one of those rare instances where we can actually measure the impact of our actions, and what we’re doing to our environment is actually affecting the planet in ways we can’t see.

The reason we see so much destruction in the face of a natural disaster is because we’ve created a system that can be manipulated by powerful interests.

A key aspect of the eco-economy that has been widely ignored by environmentalists is the fact that many of the species we care about are already in crisis.

This has meant that conservationists are struggling to keep up with demand for the products we need, or to meet their environmental demands.

In many cases, this means that they’ve either not been able to make the necessary investments in research or the products they need to survive.

But now, we’re at a tipping point in the global ecological system.

For the first time in recorded history, the planet has had enough.

For centuries, it was thought that we were a relatively homogeneous, homogenous place.

Now, we’ve discovered that we are inextricably linked to a very large number of other species.

In order to be truly sustainable, it is imperative that we focus on the needs of all our species, not just those that are most directly impacted.

The world is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that is changing the face and the future of our species.

It is also important to remember that these threats are not just happening in the next generation.

There is also an ongoing climate change crisis, which is making our ecosystems increasingly unsuitable for the species that have been there all along.

The main drivers of this crisis are deforestation, pollution and overfishing.

But as long as we continue to allow the current system to continue, we will continue to lose biodiversity to other species that are already facing extinction.

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