Diversification strategy to ‘foster resilience’ to a ‘global pandemic’

The Diversifying Africa initiative, a network of 50 African governments, is working to spread information about what it calls the “Global Pandemic” through social media, information campaigns and education.

The network aims to provide information to communities about how to prepare themselves, and help people learn about how the pandemic has spread around the world.

The initiative is focused on African governments that are part of the African Union.

“The pandemic is going to have an impact on Africa, so we are going to be very much involved in the prevention and response, so that’s really what we want to focus on,” said Youssef Mokhtar, director of Diversified Africa.

The Diversify Africa initiative has been in the works for months and will soon include 25 African countries.

It is not limited to just Africa, but will also involve other African countries, as well.

“I think that it is important to have these partnerships with African partners, and with other African governments to get them to understand the impact of this pandemic on the African community,” said Moktar.

“So it is a global pandemic, and that means that we have to have a global response, and it is very important to do that together, so you don’t just have one country that is going after this, and you also have a network that is doing that, and so on.”

Moktar said the Diversifed Africa network is working with other governments in Africa to develop information about the pandemics.

“We have been talking to African governments for about a year now, and we have been sharing the best resources for information and tools that we can share with African governments.

And so that is the biggest part of this, is getting them to know about this, to be able to do the necessary preparation, and also for them to do their part in the response,” said the director.

DiversifyAfrica is working closely with local governments to provide them with information, resources and awareness.

For instance, one African government is working on an initiative called DiversIF, or “Distribution of Information and Resources,” which has been created to help the communities prepare themselves for the pandems impact on their lives.

In Nigeria, for instance, the country’s Health Ministry has been working with communities to help them prepare for the global pandemic.

Mokhtar said the Nigerian government has been collaborating with DiversifiableAfrica.

“They have been doing all of this over the past few months, they have been working on this, we are working with them to help out, and I think we have made a very good progress, and they are also talking with us to help us out in the future,” said Dr. Mohammed Ebrahimi, a member of the Nigeria Health Ministry.

The Nigerian government is also working with Divesif to provide the community with information about its response to the pandepics pandemic.

Dr. Ebrahemi said the government is trying to educate people about the nature of the pandemia.

“If you have an information about pandemic and how it’s affecting the economy, it is also important to know the pandecoms specific impact on communities, as we are trying to get the community to understand that,” he said.

Makhtar said that the Nigerian Health Ministry is also looking at sharing information on the DivesIF project with other countries.

“What we are doing with the Nigerian health ministry is trying, and doing our best to share this information, and to work with other government agencies,” said Makhtar.

“The ministry is working together with the government in Nigeria to make sure that they know the impact this pandem is going on.”

The Dives IF project will also focus on sharing information about how communities are preparing themselves, as they prepare for possible pandemas impact on the future of their community.

For example, the DIVERSIF network has created a map that shows how communities in Africa can help their country in the event of a pandemic pandemic outbreak.

Mikhtar said Diversifies Africa is working in cooperation with various partners to share information, such as health services, healthcare and education programs.

“And we also have an initiative with the United Nations to distribute this information and support, so the governments can share information on how they are doing in this area,” he added.

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