Evolve with Evanston’s Environmental Lab: The science of creating sustainable living spaces

Evanston, Illinois, April 12, 2020 – It’s the beginning of a new year and a new life for Evanston resident Jessica Pritchett.

Pritchetti, 23, recently moved to Evanston from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to start a new career as an environmental scientist.

“I wanted to learn more about how the Earth works and the impact it has on our lives,” Pritchetti said.

I wanted the experience to feel natural, she added.

She began working on the project with the Evanston Eco Lab (EDL), a nonprofit dedicated to helping urban communities find a way to live and work in a sustainable way.

EDL’s mission is to help communities understand the impacts of climate change, urbanization and pollution, and how to manage the effects.

This project is the first step in a multi-year plan to create a new home for the EDL, which aims to make the neighborhood more livable, Pritcher said.

The EDL is a partnership between Evanston-based environmental engineering company EcoLab, Evanston University, the University Center of Environmental Science, the Institute for the Ecology of the Environment and the Urban Ecology Center.

The center is an integrated effort that helps communities develop sustainable living environments.

The EDL’s new facility will provide a place for residents to grow their own food, cultivate and use resources, and to teach the EDLC how to plan and manage their own spaces.

Evanston resident Erin Tisdale, left, and Evanston native Erin Sibbi, right, are part of the Evanton Eco Lab, a nonprofit that works with communities to create healthier, more resilient cities.

After working with EDL for about two years, Piotchetti decided to come to Evanland with the EDLO team.

The first EDLO-led group of 20 residents is currently living in the Evanland Housing Authority’s new, environmentally-friendly apartment building.

When Pritchietti and her partner, Erin Sirobi, arrived at the EDLI, the group was a little bit nervous.

I thought we’d be able to do that and not have to go to the grocery store or to the market.””

We were looking for places where we could grow our own food.

I thought we’d be able to do that and not have to go to the grocery store or to the market.”

Pritchiett and Sirobis’ experience in Evanland has helped them realize the importance of the EDLP, she said, and they are looking forward to expanding their knowledge and their work with the organization.

Tisdale is the group’s resident food and vegetable farmer.

SiroBI, a food and environmental scientist who also lives in Evanston and is the EDLS co-founder, is a certified certified organic certified gardener.

They have been working together for about three years.

The two started learning how to grow and harvest their own vegetables and herbs when they moved to town, she explained.

For the EDALS new residents, the EDl will offer them a space to learn about their environment, and for the first time they can work with other residents, Pietzt said.

She said that the EDls approach to sustainable living is very similar to the approach of EDL.

EdL has grown from a small group of about 20 to more than 70 members and a network of about 100 members across Evanston.

The group is part of Evanston Public Schools, the Evanl and the community.

Many residents, especially the elderly, are interested in participating, Pregli said.

It’s not about having the EDLA members around, but it’s about the EDLL members being part of their communities, she emphasized.

Every EDL member is also involved in their local neighborhood, and every EDL resident can participate in any of the community programs, including the school garden, she continued.

Pritchita and Sibbis were excited about the opportunity to start working together in the EDSL.

They were able to develop a relationship with the people in the neighborhood, including some of the current residents who are now in their 80s, she noted.

Pritchio is a former resident of the new EDLI building.

She and Sisbi are excited about learning more about the new building.

“We will learn how it all works,” Pietchita said.

“It’s a new opportunity to learn how to live here, and it’s also a chance to learn from the residents and be a part of that process.

It’ll be a learning experience for us both.”

Pietzts daughter, who is also in Evanstons neighborhood, is also a member of EDLI.

She is working on her own garden, and her interest in the environmental movement and its impact on Evanston was inspired by her mother, Pioi, Piroi said.

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