How to avoid ecological imperialism: Stop supporting the Israeli colonization of Palestine

When Israeli settler-colonialism started to invade Palestinian territories in 1967, it created a whole new social and political system.

It was a system of control, of exploitation and oppression that had nothing to do with the struggle for national liberation and was rooted in an ideology that sought to destroy the Palestinian people and create an Israeli state.

In order to defeat the colonial system, Palestinians must stop supporting it.

In the wake of the invasion of 1967, Israeli society turned into a model of “ecological imperialism” that took over Palestinian land and resources, transforming the land into an “open-air factory”.

As a result, the land was destroyed, and Palestinians became victims of the occupation, forced to live in poverty, forced into displacement and forced to work in exploitative conditions, which made it difficult for them to establish an independent life.

The occupation created a situation in which the occupation became the new “social base”, which it could use to justify its violence and its illegal policies.

It has been the cornerstone of the Israeli system of domination, oppression and colonialism for the past 65 years.

Israel’s colonial policy is rooted in the colonial legacy of the United Nations and the international community, which were originally created by the United States, Britain, France and Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

The goal was to create a “global Jewish homeland”.

The colonial system is built on the assumption that Palestine is the only homeland for Jews, and therefore Palestinians are “hostile” and the only people who deserve to live there.

In fact, Palestinians have no claim to the land, and they are living in a colonial society, where they are treated as second-class citizens.

It is also the case that Palestinians are forced to give up their own land and their own homes and are subject to the control of the Jewish State.

The colonial occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the illegal occupation of Palestinian land, the establishment of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are the products of colonialism.

The Israeli government is guilty of every aspect of the colonialism and apartheid system, and it is the Palestinian and international community who are the victims of it.

The colonial system cannot exist without the occupation of Palestine.

The international community should stop supporting the occupation and the settlers who are responsible for its existence.

The international community must not accept Israel as a “normal” state.

Israel is a settler state that has colonized and colonized Palestinians.

The Palestinians are the ones who are subjected to this colonization.

The occupation and colonial system are not based on international law, but on the ideology of colonialism, and on the idea that Palestinians have nothing to gain from the creation of a Palestinian state.

It’s a system that is based on racism, colonialism and oppression.

The global community should condemn the Israeli occupation and all its forms.

It should condemn Israel’s occupation of Palestinians and call for an end to it.

There is no excuse for it, and we will continue to oppose it as long as it is in place.

The world has the moral and legal obligation to stop supporting Israel’s colonization of Palestinian territories, and that is what this meeting is all about.

The Israeli government, which was elected on a promise of ending the occupation in 2005, continues to ignore the call to end the colonial colonial system and its exploitation of the Palestinian rights.

It ignores the reality that the colonial occupation is not a “legitimate” occupation and that Palestinians, the majority of whom are civilians, have no right to their land, to their homes, to the resources that make up their daily lives, and to their health and well-being.

The system of occupation is an injustice and a stain on the history of the modern world.

This is a situation that has to end, and the world has to make it happen.

This meeting has been organized in cooperation with the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC), which represents over 500,000 Palestinian refugees and migrants.

The conference is supported by the UN Refugee Agency, the United Nation’s refugee agency, and UN agencies that assist the Palestinian refugees.

It will be held in the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, and is part of a larger global call to action by Palestinian and non-Palestinian groups.

The conference is open to anyone from the international and domestic refugee community, as well as the international solidarity movement.

The call for a world-wide conference on the occupation will be presented by Palestinian refugees, who have been forcibly evicted from their homes and have no home and no future in this world.

The delegates will be joined by survivors of the colonial and apartheid Israeli system, including women, people of color, refugees and others.

We call on all the major parties to join us in making the call for this conference.

It can be seen as a response to the call by the global community to end colonialism and its abuses.

The meeting is scheduled to take place from 21 to 23 February.

The Palestine Solidarity Network will organise a workshop and a demonstration in solidarity with the conference.

The Palestinian Solidarity Movement and

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