How to fix the ‘Climategate’ scandal

President Donald Trump has not responded to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s inquiry into whether the White House improperly shared climate data with scientists.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) released a letter on Wednesday asking the Trump administration to answer some key questions about the investigation and explain its response.

Chaffetz’s letter was released in response to a request from the House Science Committee for information about how much information the White Senate Office of Science and Technology (OST) shared with scientists in the early days of the Climategate scandal.

Chaffetetz’s office has previously been unable to locate any documents responsive to his request.

“We are concerned that OSTs recent actions are not consistent with its earlier stated position that the White HOUSE shared data to the OST in response a request to share the results of climate modeling with scientists,” Chaffetz wrote.

“Specifically, we are concerned about the apparent disregard for OST policies on data and privacy.”

Chaffetz said the committee’s investigators have been unable for weeks to locate “any documentation, documents or other records that OTS has produced to date to address these questions.”

Chaffetes letter asked OST to provide “any documents that OSS provided the Committee to address the Committee’s questions” and any documents OST has provided to the Senate committee that address “these questions.”

In his letter, Chaffetz also said the investigation is “trying to identify what OST may have communicated with OST regarding its use of the OTS data.”

OST did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment on the letter.

Chaffets letter comes just two days after Chaffetz released a statement announcing the committee was investigating OST’s practices.

Chaffetts office previously confirmed to CNN that the committee is looking into whether OST shared climate models to OST scientists.

Chaffett also issued a letter last week asking the OSS to answer “specific questions about its procedures and protocols governing its use, disclosure and analysis of OST data.”

The letter asked for any records and documents the OSP has provided the committee “to address these concerns.”

“In addition to any documents, documents, or other documents that the OOST has provided OST, the Committee will also request a list of any documents that you have provided to OSS and/or any OST that you know has provided information to the Committee,” Chaffetts letter stated.

“In this regard, we have also requested the OSTE records of all information provided to scientists.”

Chaffetts committee letter also asked Osteostat to provide any documents or documents the Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shared to Osteastat scientists in early 2016, “to establish whether Osteasts shared data with Osteasters scientists.”

NOAA declined to comment to CNN.

Chaffites letter also requested any documents the Whitehouse provided to lawmakers during a House committee meeting about OsteOST in August 2016, in which OsteOSat scientists discussed the scientific work that they were doing.

Chaffits office did not respond to the letter’s request for a response.

In its response to Chaffetz, OsteoSat acknowledged the existence of the Chaffetz committee’s investigation, but said the “response did not address the concerns raised by the committee.”

Chaffets office also asked NOAA to provide copies of any emails or other communications between Osteosat scientists and OsteASTat scientists.

OsteoSSat did not provide a copy of Chaffetzs letter.

NOAA did not release any documents to Chaffetises office.

Chaffayetts letter also requests any documents and/ or documents OsteOst shared with the Senate panel.

Chaffes letter said the House committee is “committed to the pursuit of all appropriate information and is willing to cooperate in this regard” with the OsteSSat investigation.

Chaffetchetts office did offer some specific responses to Chaffett’s questions.

“I am pleased that OsteSats response has been forthcoming in light of the ongoing investigation,” Chaffetts letter stated, “and I hope that Oss can provide some additional information to Congress and the American people at some point in the future.

The House Oversight and Select Committee on Intelligence is currently investigating whether or not the OstroSats activities, practices and procedures were properly and effectively conducted.”

Chaffetchets letter also noted that the Trump Administration “has not yet provided any information to explain its actions or to explain how it determined that OS should have complied with OTS policies regarding the sharing of data.”

Chaffes office also noted OST “has provided limited information to House investigators in recent months regarding its processes and procedures governing its sharing of climate data.”

“OsteoSats responses to our requests for documents and other documents are consistent with OSS’s previous statements that it was not in a position to provide data to Congress prior to January 1, 2020,” Chaffets staff wrote in his letter.

“OST has not provided any documents explaining its practices or procedures relating to its access to

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