How to keep your eyes on the ground in the midst of a drought

A year after the historic drought of 2016-17, the world is experiencing yet another outbreak of droughts.

The ongoing drought in southern China, known as the ‘Northern Iceberg’, has affected the lives of millions, forcing some Chinese to rely on imported water to cool their homes.

The situation is not the only one where water scarcity is causing serious social and economic damage.

A series of dairies in southern California, which were among the first to become water-restricted, are now struggling to recover from the devastating effect of the drought.

Many of the water-dependent dairys are run by small-scale farmers, many of whom have suffered from high water bills for years.

Many are now turning to crowdfunding to fund their farming, while others are turning to online services to offer a respite from the severe financial strain.

Some of these initiatives, however, are not working.

In some cases, the online crowdfunding sites that are aimed at helping small farmers like these are not able to provide the level of support needed to help them sustainably survive during the current water shortage.

For many of the farmers, the biggest challenge has been to find the funding to sustainably grow and distribute their crops.

For this reason, the California farmers are now looking for ways to get involved in crowdfunding projects that are trying to help small farmers sustainably provide their families with fresh water, food, and shelter.

The new initiatives on crowdfunding sites like Backers for Nature, WaterforWater, and the California Water Fund are trying out new ideas to address some of the challenges facing farmers during the drought, but the most promising initiatives have yet to come to fruition.

Here are some of their key successes:Water for WaterWater for Nature is a crowdfunding site that has partnered with local organizations and water conservation organizations to raise money to help farmers, water managers, and water supply providers cope with the drought situation.

The website, which was launched in October, has already raised $100,000 to support farmers.

Water for ChinaWater for Climate and Security is an online community of water experts who have developed a water monitoring app for China.

The app collects water data on farmers and water managers in China.

The app collects data on the water usage of farmers, and then makes suggestions for how to improve water management, reduce water use, and reduce the impact of climate change on water use in China, said Water for Climate.

Water to WaterWater to China is a project launched by Water for Water and Water for Nature to provide farmers and other water users in China with free, sustainable water.

The water collection platform collects data about farmers and irrigation systems and is able to recommend ways to increase water usage.

Water to Water’s users are also able to send water to the water managers to provide them with water for their families.

The company also provides financial assistance to farmers and irrigators, which is being offered by the Water for China Water for World initiative, which has been launched by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Water For WaterChina is the third-largest market for Chinese farmers and is the primary source of water for farmers in China and China’s other provinces.

However, farmers are often forced to purchase their water from state-run companies.

Water for Beijing, which runs one of China’s largest water purification plants, has recently experienced a major shortage of water due to drought.

The drought is affecting farmers, who are now forced to use cheaper, but less-efficient water, and these changes have led to a drop in water usage by farmers and reduced water demand for farmers.

The farmers who are currently struggling to provide water to their families have launched crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for their water needs.

For example, one of the projects that Water for Weather and Water to China are working on is a water campaign aimed at water users of a large urban city in China’s Hubei province.

This campaign will be launched on the site’s crowdfunding platform, which also provides support for other crowdfunding projects.

WaterFor WaterWater For China has been working to promote the benefits of water conservation through water conservation initiatives.

One of the major goals of this project is to raise awareness about the importance of water management and water storage in the water management of cities in China as well as to help local governments conserve water in their water storage facilities.

WaterforWater is also working on an online crowdfunding platform called China Water, which aims to improve the water quality in cities across China.

These efforts are part of the China Water initiative, launched in March 2017, which seeks to improve clean water by making water consumption more sustainable.

WatertoWater is a platform that aims to provide funding to farmers who have experienced a drought.

Water To Weather and China Water aim to use crowdfunding to raise $100 million to provide free, water-related services to farmers, which are then offered to farmers for free.

This is one of their major achievements, and it comes at a time when many farmers are looking to get out

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