How to manage the changing landscape of the Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier reef is a spectacular example of the changing ecological landscape of a continent.

In a decade, its ecosystem has undergone massive transformations as a result of climate change and is now more diverse and less susceptible to disease.

But in this new context, it is also a key part of the planet’s biodiversity.

The reef has been in decline for more than a century, largely because of a combination of human activities, pollution, and habitat loss.

Now, the effects of these processes on the Great Australian Biodiversity is on the rise.

The impact of climate Change The impacts of climate is one of the main drivers of biodiversity loss on the reef, with the reef losing up to 40% of its marine mammals over the past century, and up to 50% of the invertebrate species.

The Great Australian Barrier Reef (GABR) is the world’s largest coral reef, covering more than 200,000 square kilometres (98,500 square miles).

It is the largest marine ecosystem on Earth and is home to an incredible variety of species.

This includes over 50,000 species of coral, a variety of sea birds, over 100 species of sharks, and over 10,000 plant species.

In the last decade, the impacts of human activity on the ecosystem have been devastating.

The Reef is now facing its most serious bleaching event in the past 50 years, and coral bleaching is currently affecting the most vulnerable and most threatened species, including corals, seabirds, turtles, molluscs, and corals and shells.

As a result, the reef is losing around 50% more coral and more than 20% of seabird species in just the past 20 years.

These changes have already been devastating for some of the species on the GABR, including seaborses, loggerhead turtles, and brown pelicans.

In addition to the impacts on these species, the bleaching events have also impacted other species, such as sea birds and turtles.

This has affected the survival of many marine species, and has resulted in declines in coral reef biodiversity as well.

Many species of corals are already declining due to these events.

Many of the key species of reef animals, such a sturgeon, krill, and periwinkle, are declining due a combination for habitat loss and climate change.

The effects of climate on the reefs is the most profound effect on the species that live there, but the impacts are not limited to the reefs.

Coral bleaching affects the habitats of many fish and animals that live on the ocean floor.

The coral bleached by the fires of 2017 was the first time in the last 40 years that the reefs of the Gabre are in such poor condition that fish can’t be found.

This means that the species of fish and invertebrates that live off the Gabbro are at risk, and they are in danger of disappearing, as is the coral reefs habitat.

This is due to changes in the water conditions that occur due to the climate.

As the climate changes, the temperature in the ocean rises.

The climate can also change the types of animals that thrive and reproduce on the coral reef.

Coral reef fish can become sick, and this can lead to the death of some species.

A recent study from the University of Queensland, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that the effects on coral reefs were exacerbated by climate change, and that many species are now dying because they are not able to survive.

Some of the most endangered species on Gabbros reef, such seabees, seahorses, and sharks, have been showing the effects that are already occurring, including the loss of key features such as kelp forests, which provide habitat for many marine animals.

Some coral reefs in the Great Basin have also been affected by the warming oceans, as have some of its coastal areas.

There are also some regions that are experiencing some warming, including parts of the southern Great Barrier.

This warming has also affected other ecosystems, such the Great Anzio Reef.

This coral reef area has been suffering from the effects from the warming ocean for years.

Many reefs are being lost, and these areas of the reef are currently experiencing some of their worst effects.

The impacts are being felt across the Great Southern Barrier Reef, the Great South Coast Reef, and even the Great Antarctic Peninsula, which is home for the Great Great Barrier’s largest group of marine life, the coral-reef krill.

This area has also been hit hard by climate warming, as a direct result of a warmer ocean.

This research by the University, found coral bleaches on GABRs southern coast were significantly greater than those on other sections of the region.

This can also be seen in some areas that are in the South West of the Barrier Reef.

Some areas that have already suffered from climate change are now experiencing the effects as well, including many areas that used to be in the south-west of the Australian

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