How to plan a new ecosystem using a spreadsheet

In my recent article, The Ecology of the Greenhouse, I described how I used a spreadsheet to plan and manage my greenhouse to meet my needs in a sustainable way.

In this article, I am going to share some of the ways I use a spreadsheet in my greenhouse as a way to manage my vegetation, and how I find it useful for managing my plantings.

This article is intended to help other gardeners learn more about how to use a greenhouse to manage their plants.


The first step is to define the landscape and its boundaries.

This can be done by defining the landscape boundaries, or by defining a forest, and defining a wilderness.

There are many ways to define a landscape, but this one is easiest to do on a map.

In order to define an area, I use the term “landscape” to describe the landscape as a whole.

Landscape boundaries are usually defined by a number of lines or points that can be overlaid on each other to create a map, or a diagram.

The landscape may have multiple boundaries that overlap to form a larger area.

The more lines or dots that can cross the boundaries, the more complete a landscape is.

For example, a forest may have boundaries of a tree, grass, shrub, or vine.

The forest might have a single tree boundary that crosses over to create another forest boundary.

For a forest to be defined, the tree boundaries must be visible from multiple angles, and all the lines must be overlapped to create the boundaries.

A forest might be defined by two forest boundaries, a tree boundary and a second tree boundary.


A few simple rules can help you define a forest.

In my experience, most landscape rules are pretty simple, so I won’t get into them here.

I prefer to use “rules of thumb” as a guide to what to look for.

The rule of thumb is that the longer the line or dot that defines a boundary, the smaller the area that the boundary covers.

For instance, a circle has three sides.

The shorter the line, the wider the circle.

The longer the dot, the thinner the circle is.

The bigger the circle, the larger the circle size.


The second rule is to determine how many plants are growing in the forest.

It is important to note that I don’t define the forest in terms of number of plants per hectare of land, but rather in terms, the total area that plants can grow.

A hectare is approximately the area of land that is about the width of a dime.

So, if I have a forest with 10 plants, then the area to grow each plant in a hectare would be 20 plants.

If I have 10 plants growing in a 1,000-square-meter forest, then my total area would be 1,200 square meters.

The same rule applies for how many people are in the area.

A total of 10 people are allowed in a forest and 10 people per person in a small area.


This is where the second rule comes into play.

In general, when we think of a forest we usually think of the landscape itself.

In the example I just described, the forest is a series of lakes and rivers.

In that example, there are three lakes in the landscape.

The lakes are connected by a small bridge that spans the lake.

In other words, the landscape is connected by the water.

The area of the land that can grow plants depends on how many water bodies are in between the lakes.

For the forest, I think that 10 people can grow 10 plants per person, so each person can grow 20 plants per acre of land.

If all the water bodies that are in a specific area of forest are in close proximity, the area can be calculated as the area divided by the total number of people in the surrounding area.

In an urban area, for example, the areas that are connected are typically more dense.

Therefore, I would expect that the number of water bodies in a given area of a given forest would be the sum of the total water bodies of the area, divided by that area’s total population.

For an urban environment, the number one water body is the lake, so the area would also be the product of the number four water bodies.

However, for a wilderness area, the water body of a wilderness can be determined by the number five water bodies, and the area could be divided by five water body areas to determine the area under the number 5 water bodies rule.


In some cases, you may need to divide the area by a specific number of hectares to determine whether a forest or a wilderness is forest or wilderness.

I use this rule because in order to calculate the area above the number 4 water bodies on a forest boundary, we would have to divide by 10.

For more information on dividing an area by numbers of hectares, see the section Forest Boundaries.


The third rule is that to divide a forest by a certain number of

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