How to spot the eco disaster at the heart of the Australian climate debate

The carbon pollution that threatens our environment is a real issue, and its effects are felt far beyond the boundaries of the small and medium-sized companies that dominate the Australian economy.

In the run-up to the G20 summit, governments and industry have pledged to tackle the issue.

But how do we know that our economy is being saved from the effects of this pollution?

The answer lies in a key question: how many times do we need to hit our emissions targets before we’re actually saving the planet?

A key component of the answer is the climate impact index.

An environmental impact index is an idea that has been around since the early 1990s.

It’s the ratio of CO2 emissions to the amount of emissions from burning fossil fuels, like coal and oil, that is measured by the International Energy Agency.

It is a way of comparing greenhouse gas emissions between countries, and a way to see how climate change impacts their economies.

To measure the CO2 footprint of an economy, the IEA looks at the economic impact of carbon emissions in the environment.

To do this, the organisation measures carbon dioxide emissions from the transport sector, such as buses and trains.

The emissions of transport companies are measured in tonnes of CO 2 emitted per tonne of CO 3 in the transport system.

The IEA then calculates how much of the economy’s carbon footprint is related to the emissions of these two industries.

The IEA uses this number to compare economies across the globe.

According to its website, the climate impacts index measures how carbon emissions from two different industries impact on the climate and carbon sequestration.

Carbon emissions from transport are the first to come to mind, since they’re the largest source of greenhouse gas pollution and are responsible for the majority of CO₂ emissions.

However, there are many more industries that emit carbon, including agriculture, forestry and fisheries, energy production, mining and tourism, transport and energy.

There are several other categories of emissions that are also important to consider, but this is the main category that is usually discussed in terms of the global economy.

A recent study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences looked at the impacts of emissions in a range of industries.

They found that the carbon footprint of these sectors is far larger than the economy as a whole, with emissions from transportation accounting for a third of global greenhouse gas emission levels.

This is because emissions from these industries contribute to a wide range of environmental impacts.

It’s important to remember that emissions from many industries can only be reduced by shifting the transportation industry away from fossil fuels and towards cleaner forms of transport.

This means that in the long run, this is likely to be a positive change, since it will reduce emissions and support the climate.

However, this also means that the economic value of the carbon emissions that we’re paying for is likely not as high as it could be.

In order to make the overall economy carbon neutral, we need emissions reduction that is at least 20% below pre-industrial levels.

In other words, we should be reducing emissions by at least the same amount as the global GDP.

This would mean that, in the medium term, we would need to increase our emissions from both transport and industries.

In addition, to achieve this, we will also need to cut down on energy use and other energy intensive activities that contribute to the climate imbalance.

The result of this would be a drop in emissions, but a drop that is much lower than the global emissions.

So if you’re an energy consumer, the answer to this question may be obvious.

If you are a climate activist, the question may not.

What’s the difference between climate and environmental impact?

Environmental impact is the number of people that live and work on the planet.

It also includes climate change.

The difference between the two is largely dependent on how we measure the impacts.

If we measure emissions through the carbon price, then environmental impact is just the difference in the amount that is being used by the economy compared to its total emissions.

Climate impact is how much carbon is being released into the atmosphere each year.

The total amount of carbon released is the sum of emissions for all the carbon dioxide that has ever been emitted by an economy.

The climate impact of an industry is the difference that that industry will see from emissions going forward.

When we measure carbon pollution directly through emissions, it’s important that we compare the economic impacts between industries.

If an industry produces more carbon pollution than is produced by the rest of the sector, that industry is likely responsible for more greenhouse gas and climate change emissions than is the rest.

For example, if a business produces 40% more emissions than the rest in terms to produce its products, this could cause a significant environmental impact.

If that same business produces 100% more greenhouse gases, this may result in a significant climate impact.

However if the business produces only 10% more carbon than the others

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