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AUSTIN, Texas — The first time I saw the face of my son was on a computer screen.

It was 2007.

The future was bright.

He was in kindergarten, playing with his friends on a couch in a small room.

His older brother, David, had gone to college.

But his parents were still struggling to make ends meet, and he was just beginning to find his footing as a child.

He would often get up early and head for school.

He had a few friends, but none were very bright, and there was always something missing.

We would drive all over the neighborhood to find things to buy.

It made sense to me that we would go to the same high school, the same community college, the exact same park, and I thought, Why the hell am I even thinking of doing that?

It was a lot of fun.

David would often play with his toys, but his interest in the game of hide and seek was so strong that he would sneak around my house and hide for hours, only to return later and take a shot.

As David grew older, I knew that he was not a typical kid.

I saw him grow up in a very different way than I ever thought I would.

David would often sneak around and hide, only coming back later and taking a shot to show off his skills.

I didn’t know what it was about him, but I knew it was not the normal kid I had always thought of him as.

This was an important distinction for me, because David was a very intelligent boy.

He liked to read books, like he did every day.

He enjoyed going to the movies, even though he had trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

So, when I met him at a local toy store, I was impressed.

There, he picked out a toy that looked like a cross between a toy gun and a shotgun.

I knew David, and knew that this was not what I had expected.

That was the beginning of a journey.

It would be years before I learned the extent of the problem with David’s autism.

Like many parents, I felt that my son could not be himself.

He would act out, often with very little supervision, but he could still be very socially engaged.

By the time I had him in school, I had been diagnosed with autism.

I was very skeptical of the diagnoses, and had always felt that the autism diagnosis was based on the symptoms.

My son was a bright boy who had a bright future ahead of him.

Then, when my daughter was born, I realized that my expectations had not been met.

Since I had never seen David with a gun, I started looking into autism.

It had always seemed like the only way for David to get out of his own head, and the only thing I could do for him, was to find a way to keep him in the headspace he wanted to be in.

A little while later, my daughter asked if I wanted to help find a solution.

After a year of researching the disorder, I found myself at the point of a “big red button.”

After years of searching, I finally had a solution for my son.

When I told him about the research, he smiled.

It turned out that the research on autism was very important.

For the first time, I could see that there was something wrong with my son, that there were some things I didn’t want to admit to him.

I had to admit that something was wrong with him.

My son had autism.

We had a problem.

While David was in high school and living at home with his parents, David would sneak out of my house every night to play hide and hunt.

He did not seem like a normal kid.

Although I had known for many years that my child could not stand up straight, he always acted like he was doing so.

He also would take a huge amount of pride in the way he carried himself.

I could tell that this boy was very sensitive.

During those early years, I did not know the extent to which David was socially and emotionally stunted.

I also did not realize that this kid would become so emotionally stunting over time.

Eventually, I came to realize that David had autism because of the way his brain responded to the environment.

In other words, David had a brain with a very high-functioning form of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If we did not have that brain, we could not understand David’s behavior.

To me, the problem was that he had not learned how to use that brain.

And so, I spent years trying to figure out how to help David overcome the social deficits that were causing his problems.

Over time, the more I learned about the brain, the

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