How to use social ecological frameworks

Workedheet – Social Ecologies and Environment – Worksheet for Social Ecologists working in the field of social ecology.

The Social Ecological Framework worksheet helps you identify and use social ecologies and environmental frameworks in order to understand your field.

For example, social ecologists may be interested in how to interpret data from the social ecology of wildlife and how they might be used in conservation work. 

Working through this worksheet can be an important tool for a student in the social ecology field.

The following topics are covered in the worksheet:1.

What is social ecology?

Social ecologists believe that ecology is a process of combining information from multiple disciplines, including natural science, sociology, and the social sciences, to create better understanding of how organisms function.

They understand social ecology as an approach to understanding how we interact with each other, our environment, and our planet. 

Social ecologies can be applied to a wide range of natural environments, including humans, animals, and plants.

They are used to understand how environmental changes interact with natural systems and how these interactions influence the social, political, and economic life of the planet.

The social ecology framework is a way to understand the processes that shape the social interactions of people, including the way that social interaction shapes our species. 

The framework is also used to explore the effects of environmental change on social interactions, especially in humans. 

How to use the worksheets:1) Select the field and country you are interested in.2) Select a topic.3) Enter the area code for your country.4) Enter a description of the field, field location, and country.5) Click on the blue “View Worksheet” button.6) The Worksheet will load in the current window.


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