Is the Australian wilderness a national treasure?

A new study suggests that Australia’s vast national wilderness is a valuable resource for the economy, and a good place for biodiversity to thrive.

The research, published in Nature Communications, looks at how wildlife populations and habitats are influenced by the changing climate.

The authors believe that this change will be significant for the future of biodiversity in Australia.

The study used data from a variety of sources to measure how the state’s vegetation and ecosystems are changing in response to the changing conditions of the climate.

“If you’re talking about the long-term effects of climate change, it’s going to be pretty hard to keep it going without some of these natural changes that are happening,” said Dr Stephen Sayer, a co-author of the paper and an ecologist at the University of Western Australia.

“What’s going on now is really important, because we’re going to have to adapt to it, and so if we can keep some of those natural changes going, that will be really important to us.”

The researchers found that the climate change is changing how the ecosystem responds to natural changes, and it’s also changing how species interact.

In the study, they found that vegetation and wildlife populations tend to be impacted by the climate, which makes sense because the climate is changing.

The researchers also found that species are becoming more dependent on each other in the natural world, as well as on human activities.

“The natural world is really dependent on people,” said Sayer.

“We have a really large number of species in the wild, and these changes to the climate will make it more difficult for them to survive.”

Sayer said the research also suggested that the loss of the northern rainforest could have consequences for the state.

“There are a lot of other parts of the country where there’s a lot more rainforest, where there are a few other species of birds and animals, so it would be very, very, difficult for those ecosystems to recover.”

The study was led by Dr Simon Fraser, an ecotoxicologist at ANU’s Centre for Biological Diversity.

“Our results suggest that climate change has already caused some damage to some of the most significant ecological systems in the world,” Fraser said.

“But that doesn’t mean that we’re done yet.

The science of climate adaptation is still evolving, and as the climate changes we’re seeing some really significant consequences.”

The research was funded by the Australian Research Council and the Environment Protection Authority.

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