The Environmental Economy, Not the Environment, Matters

The environmental economy worksheet has been used to help determine the environmental impact of new technology and the impact of a project.

The chart shows how much energy the average consumer uses to run the average home.

The report also measures how much water is used per capita, and how much greenhouse gas emissions are produced each year.

Read moreRead more about the work sheet:How Much Energy Does Your Home Use?

The Energy Pyramid worksheet is a list of energy use and emissions, as well as a tool for the consumer to compare their energy use with that of other homes.

The energy use for the average household, for example, would be shown as a percentage of their annual energy use.

It also includes a table showing how much electricity a typical home uses, how much of it is used for heat and cooling, and other energy-related costs.

The report also includes energy usage per household, which is used to calculate the total energy used in a household.

This includes how much time and money is spent each day to manage the energy consumption and emissions.

This calculation can be used to estimate the energy cost of the home.

In addition to the energy use chart, the Environmental Economy worksheet shows how energy is consumed per household.

In the energy pyramid, the amount of energy used is shown as percentages of a household’s annual consumption.

A high percentage means that the household consumes more energy than the national average, and low percentages means that energy consumption is lower than average.

The Energy Per Person worksheet uses the same calculations as the Energy Pyramid, but it shows the energy usage of a person as a percent of their income.

This shows how the energy used per person compares to the national energy use per person.

A high percentage of households in the United States are using a lot of energy.

A low percentage is not enough to meet the country’s energy needs.

The Energy Per Child worksheet also shows how a household uses energy per child.

A household using a high percentage could be using energy at a rate much higher than what the national power grid requires, so that they can meet the nation’s energy demand.

The Environmental Economy and the Energy Per Family worksheets have been developed by the Environmental Economics Institute, a nonprofit organization focused on sustainability, economics and social responsibility.

The workheets were developed in collaboration with the National Resources Defense Council and the Center for Energy and Environmental Solutions.

The energy consumption charts and the energy per person charts are available to download for free from the EES website.

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