The Latest: Climate change is threatening coral reefs in the Caribbean, scientists say

Scientists have discovered that coral reefs around the world are in the midst of a rapid decline, with some of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs on the verge of extinction.

The findings, published in the journal Science, come from a coral reef research consortium led by the University of Texas at Austin.

The consortium has been studying the effect of climate change on coral reefs since the 1980s, when the team first began tracking coral reef conditions.

The research, conducted in the Great Barrier Reef, the Caribbean and the Bahamas, found that the number of coral species on reefs is dropping more rapidly than ever before.

It is estimated that the world has lost more than 1,000 square miles of coral cover since the 1970s.

The study focused on the Great Coral Sea, a coral-rich zone along the Caribbean coast.

The coral is the largest and oldest reef on the planet, and it can withstand a major storm without bleaching.

Scientists believe that global warming is driving the coral decline.

The researchers examined data from both marine and terrestrial records.

The first data point, the satellite imagery, is from 1985 to 2017.

The second is from 2005 to 2020.

The scientists found that coral cover dropped by 10 percent during this time.

But the researchers also found that this was accompanied by a marked decrease in the amount of oxygen that coral uses.

This change, they concluded, is the result of the buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The results indicate that CO2 levels are now about 300 parts per million higher than they were in the late 20th century.

The team believes that climate change is responsible for the decline.

“It’s hard to say exactly why,” said Daniel Pemberton, the co-lead of the Coral Reef Conservation Initiative at the University at Buffalo, in New York.

“The main cause is CO2, and that is not something that we’ve really been able to understand very well.

But there’s definitely a lot of uncertainty.

The bottom line is, we’ve seen a big decline, and we have a lot more work to do.”

The researchers believe that the decline could have an impact on other coral reefs, too.

They predict that coral will recover if CO2 stays below 400 parts per billion.

The decrease in CO2 has also been attributed to rising temperatures, a decrease in nutrient-rich algae and other factors.

But scientists have yet to pinpoint the cause of the coral loss.

They say that climate changes, like global warming, will continue to play a role in coral bleaching, and they say that coral bleachers will continue their work in the coming years.

The report comes on the heels of an announcement from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which recently released a report on the effects of climate pollution.

The U.N. agency estimated that there were more than half a million coral reefs globally in danger of dying out.

Coral reefs are considered critical for maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem.

Coral species depend on the ocean’s nutrients, which provide the coral with oxygen.

However, because of climate changes and other pollutants, coral reefs are already losing some of their nutrients.

As a result, scientists are worried about the future of reefs around all of the oceans.

The loss of the Great White Shark is one of the most iconic examples of this.

The Great White is an oceanic predator that eats a wide range of marine life.

Its main prey is corals, which help provide the nutrients for coral.

Coral bleaching can be caused by a variety of causes, including pollution and ocean acidification, as well as natural factors like storms, flooding and disease.

Scientists are working on finding the exact causes of coral bleached corals.

They hope to figure out which factors are most responsible for this and how to prevent the loss of corals that are crucial for keeping ocean ecosystems healthy.

The authors of the new study also found a link between a change in the climate and changes in the size of coral reefs.

“This paper has really pointed out that there are a lot fewer corals in the world now, and coral reefs need to recover to be sustainable,” said Pemberfield.

“If we don’t recover to their former size, they’re not going to recover at all.”

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