‘The most important thing we do as environmentalists is save our species’: Why it’s so important

An analysis of more than 100 years of ecological research by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that “environmental sustainability” is the best possible way to describe what it means to protect our environment.

The new analysis, released Monday, comes as the US Environmental Protection Agency prepares to issue its final rule on greenhouse gas regulations for power plants and air pollution.

It highlights a number of ways to do environmental sustainability, from using more carbon-neutral energy sources like wind and solar to reducing deforestation.

Environmental sustainability is defined as “the quality of an environmental system in which all species, human and nonhuman, have the right to live in harmony with nature.”

It also refers to “the management of natural resources that maximize the environmental sustainability of human activity.”

Scientists agree that “the world is experiencing a serious and profound shift toward an environmentalist world,” said Jennifer Williams, director of NRDC’s Global Environmental and Policy Program.

We are living in an era where our planet is being ravaged by pollution and other threats, she said.

A key reason for the shift is the rise of renewable energy sources, which are cheaper than fossil fuels.

“The future is going to be an energy-driven future, and we can do more to ensure the world is well-suited for that future,” Williams said.

Read more: “Environmental sustainability can also mean protecting biodiversity, conserving and restoring endangered species, and improving water quality,” she said, adding that it is important for communities to be able to plan for and respond to threats to biodiversity and its habitat.

“We’re seeing that with the rise in the number of species we see disappearing,” Williams told ABC News.

“There is this idea that if we only care about our environment, we’re not going to take care of our environment,” she added.

“So that’s really where we need to get our energy from, because our environment is so important.”

The analysis shows that conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development are also key goals for environmental sustainability. 

The report says that, while it’s important to conserve and protect biodiversity, there is a “tipping point” where conservation becomes more important than environmental protection.

And while there are clear differences in how people and communities view conservation and environmental protection — especially conservation and sustainability — they are “inextricably linked,” the report states.

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