What we know about the effects of climate change on the planet

The United Nations’ climate change summit in Lima, Peru, this week will also include a climate impact factor for the global economy, a measure of how much it costs to adapt to climate change.

The global economy will get the most scrutiny, with the United States the largest contributor to global GDP and one of the largest emitters.

But climate change impacts are more varied, as the U.N. reports that climate change has already impacted the human economy in more than 40 countries, with some of the effects more severe than others.

Here’s a look at the top impacts of climate risk.

A more direct impact on the human economic system, climate change’s economic impacts have been less obvious.

The cost of mitigating climate change is also much higher in developing countries, and even poorer nations.

Some economists argue that climate action is necessary to mitigate climate change, and that the U,S., and other developed countries are not prepared to act on climate change until they have fully prepared for the effects.

The U.S. has already set a goal of limiting global temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius, which is a goal set by the Paris Agreement, a treaty signed in December.

The Paris Agreement was supposed to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

But in the United Kingdom, a government agency that monitors climate change and other environmental threats, the Office for National Statistics, found that climate risk had declined by 4 percent since 2014.

The report, published in the journal Energy Economics, said climate change could be the single greatest cause of climate-related losses in the British economy since 1980.

Other economists have also concluded that the economic impact of climate risks is less important than other costs, such as the cost of energy.

Even with climate change mitigation measures already in place, the cost to the global economies will continue to rise, according to a study by the Umeå University of Technology.

One key reason why economic growth is likely to slow is because of the growing economic costs associated with climate risk, such a slowing of investment in renewable energy, the study said.

“In the coming years, the global economic growth rate will also fall and the economic risks from climate change will become even greater,” said Björn Lönnstedt, the Uteå University professor who led the study.

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