When a farmer can’t keep up with a bee, can he be trusted?

Farmers have a long history of being the primary source of pollination for a large proportion of the country’s crops.

However, a new report suggests that farmers are increasingly being pushed to the margins of the economy in an attempt to produce more profit.

News24 looks at how the situation has evolved and how we can prevent it from happening to us.

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Can you tell the difference between an apple and a tomato?

Read moreIn the 1960s, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) started to consider the role of bees in pollinating crops.

These days, there are millions of bees on the planet, and we know that bees produce a lot of honey.

The honey produced by bees is a major source of income for many crops.

But the number of people employed in beekeeping has also decreased dramatically over the past few decades.

The result is that bees are increasingly becoming the only workers who can produce a certain amount of honey per week.

This means that many people working on crops such as apples, tomatoes and cucumbers can no longer afford to buy the bees’ labour, and they are forced to resort to cheaper, less environmentally-friendly methods.

It is estimated that bees account for about half of the world’s crop production, with a further 50% being produced by other insects such as the caterpillar.

In some cases, these insects are farmed in large numbers on farms for their pollination services.

But for many farmers, the future of bees is becoming increasingly uncertain.

As they face dwindling honey yields, many farmers have decided to turn to the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

These are often more environmentally friendly than the traditional methods of pollinating plants.

This can have a huge impact on the environment, and can mean that the environment is at risk from the pesticide or fertiliser applied.

In some cases it can also lead to the destruction of the local wildlife habitats.

In addition, synthetic pesticides can also be more polluting to the environment than natural pesticides.

In recent years, farmers have been forced to rely on more sophisticated and cheaper methods of production.

This has meant that farmers have lost their ability to produce honey from a single hive, and has led to many farms being forced to move to more remote areas, where bees cannot be kept in the same conditions as their natural counterparts.

The effects of this shift are already being felt in the US, with beekeepers in North Dakota having to relocate to the western state of Utah to provide for their family.

In New Zealand, honey bee populations are already declining due to the rapid decline of the species.

In the UK, farmers are struggling to meet the rising demand for organic products and organic milk.

In many cases, the problem is that farmers cannot pay the price for these products.

In India, a pollinator-friendly product has become a staple in many homes, and it is estimated to have reduced the environmental impact of the production of around a quarter of the agricultural products produced.

This is not a good trend, and some farmers are now moving to cheaper and more environmentally-sensitive methods of producing honey.

This article was originally published on News24.

It is republished with permission.

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