When the world’s most important species is threatened

A recent study has found that invasive species in many countries are harming the health of many species.

Researchers from the U.K.-based Open University conducted an extensive assessment of global biodiversity for the first time, and they discovered that invasive plants and animals are now causing a range of human health problems, from lower immune function to an increased risk of cancers.

They also found that some of the most important organisms in our ecosystem, such as the fish that eat plankton and the marine birds that use them, are now in danger.

The study found that the number of species threatened by invasive species is at an all-time high and that there are currently over 10,000 species of animals and plants in need of protection.

While most species in need are in the wild, researchers say many species are at risk in urban environments, where they’re increasingly being targeted by invasive plants.

For example, the species most in need, the giant treefrog, has been shown to be at risk for its extinction in many parts of Asia.

The authors of the study warn that the global extinction crisis will likely continue in the future.

But, they say, there are still steps we can take to help protect species, including planting more trees and adopting a more sustainable agriculture approach.

Invasive species is a problem in every corner of the world, but the impact of invasive species on humans can be devastating.

This is a major issue in Asia, where many species have been driven out of their natural habitat, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The IUCN lists more than 100 different species of plants and trees that are threatened with extinction.

The scientists also found a lot of the animals that live in our urban areas are suffering from a host of ailments, including reduced immune function, reduced fertility, increased incidence of cancers, increased risk for infectious diseases, and reduced life expectancy.

The number of animals affected by the disease-causing organisms are rising, too, and the effects of these organisms can be significant.

They can affect the animals’ ability to reproduce, and in some cases can even lead to the death of animals.

Some species are even more threatened than others, because they’re not just living in urban areas.

In many areas, there’s also a lack of habitat for them.

The study found invasive species have also impacted some wildlife populations, including birds and mammals.

In some cases, the impact on these animals has been so severe that they’re being considered as species at risk.

The researchers have published their findings in the journal PLoS One, and it’s a huge win for the environment.

They say it shows that there is a global epidemic of species being driven out, but also that we can do something to protect them.

The report says there are more than 10,500 species of animal and plant species threatened with extinctions in the world today, and that many are being threatened by species that have been identified as invasive plants or animals, and even invasive animals themselves.

The threat of invasive plants, the authors say, is now so great that they need to be considered as a new species, and therefore have a special status in the IUCNs list of species at a risk of extinction.

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