Which is more destructive to your body: burning trees or burning trash?

We are all familiar with the fact that most trees and trash don’t burn well, so it’s not surprising that they also tend to burn more than other things, including houses.

And a recent study found that burning trash increases the amount of carbon dioxide that builds up in your home, which in turn can cause a host of health issues.

But does burning trash cause any more harm than burning things like trees?

The answer, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, is probably not.

“Our study shows that the main difference between burning trash and burning other types of material like wood is that trash burning is generally more harmful than other types,” said study co-author Mark Blythe, an environmental health researcher at Duke University.

“When we compared the health effects of burning trash to other types, it was clear that burning garbage is much more damaging than burning other materials.”

The researchers used data from the U.S. National Household Survey to determine the health impacts of burning a total of 3,000 household items, including furniture, televisions, appliances, and even a stove.

The researchers then compared the findings with data collected on household trash.

“The difference between the health and environmental impacts of these household items was dramatic,” Blyto said.

“In general, burning trash was more harmful for humans than other household items.”

The study was done by the American Environment Institute and looked at a combination of burning things that have the potential to contribute to climate change (like trees, grasses, and plastic bags) and other household trash (like trash bags, old clothing, and old furniture).

Blythem concluded that the health consequences of burning these items outweighed the environmental impacts.

In other words, burning a pile of old furniture, for example, can increase your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes by 10 times, according the report.

And the study did find that burning some trash could have health benefits, like helping you get rid of mold.

“Burning trash can help reduce the amount and type of litter in your neighborhood,” the authors wrote.

“If you do not have access to a garbage disposal, burning can help you reduce litter in the yard or outside the home.”

The study also found that a higher rate of littering was linked to a higher risk of asthma and COPD.

It also showed that the rate of asthma increases with a person’s socioeconomic status, suggesting that wealthier people have more access to garbage and that people in lower socioeconomic areas are more likely to have a higher level of litter.

“This study demonstrates that burning household trash can have health consequences that are far more pronounced than other forms of litter burning,” the study concluded.

The study is the latest to show that burning materials can have environmental and health impacts.

Earlier this year, researchers found that plastic bags, along with paper bags and cardboard boxes, are a major contributor to global warming.

And in 2014, scientists discovered that plastic can be a pollutant, a substance that causes a wide variety of problems.

The paper, “Exposure of the Carbon Cycle to the Global Carbon Cycle: A Case Study of Household Trash Burning,” was published last year in the Journal of Geophysical Research.

The authors argue that burning the garbage does more harm to the planet than other sources of trash.

The article also found some surprising results.

For example, the study found, that burning plastic bags could increase your odds of asthma, diabetes, and other diseases.

But there were no differences in health effects when the researchers compared people who were exposed to plastic with those who were not.

The scientists also found no differences between the rates of asthma in people exposed to garbage compared to people who weren’t exposed.

The fact that plastic and other items that have been burned can be linked to health issues could help to explain why there are so many studies on the health risks of burning garbage, the authors said.

They also note that, in general, people tend to avoid burning trash because they don’t want to damage their health.

“It’s tempting to think that because it is so hard to burn trash, people will just ignore it,” Bleythe said.

But this is not the case, he said.

For instance, if you burn a garbage can, you can expect to see people pick up the garbage.

And you may be surprised to find out that the trash that people pick can be toxic, according for example to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer.

“We need to be aware that we have a problem and that we need to get serious about reducing it,” he said, adding that people should also be aware of how much their garbage can contribute to the environment.

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