Which of the celebrities who are currently facing a legal battle with their families are you most likely to know?

The news that a Hollywood star is suing his parents for £5m after they alleged he sexually assaulted her at their home in the 1970s has reignited a public debate about the role of celebrity culture in a society that is increasingly questioning the idea of consent.

The story of the ‘Pompeii’ star, who is suing for defamation and breach of contract, has reignite a debate about whether celebrity culture can be expected to be a neutral place for everyone to get on with their lives.

A spokeswoman for the star, James Van Der Beek, told The Sun that the alleged assault took place in 1971, after she was 11.

She said that she went to a friend’s house and stayed with him and his father, but that the abuse continued for three years before the pair left the house.

The spokesperson said that when they returned, Van Der Bek said he had been raped by his father and was afraid he was going to kill himself.

Ms Van Der Begek added that she had “never wanted to hurt” Van Der Berks family and he was “an incredible father” to her.

In his complaint, Van der Begek claims that his parents and mother were “extremely concerned” about his behaviour and were “in despair” after the alleged incident.

She also claims that she was sexually assaulted by Van Der Bergkens stepfather while he was away on business.

“They said they were going to call the police,” she said.

“I felt ashamed, embarrassed and ashamed of myself.

I was ashamed of my parents and ashamed that I had been abused.

I did not know if I was going crazy or if I had made a terrible mistake.”

Ms Van Diekens father also allegedly sexually assaulted his stepdaughter while she was a teenager.

She claimed that the two men had an affair after the couple left the home, which he claims she had not been allowed to know about.

“The next thing I know my father had sex with my mother,” she claimed.

“It’s the worst thing that could have happened to my family.

I thought he was cheating on me.””

I was in a state of shock, terrified and I had never felt this way before.”

The woman claims she went public with the allegation in 2011 but has not spoken publicly since.

Van Der Begkens lawyers claim that he is a victim of “media sensationalism”.

Ms Van Den Begkets lawyer said that his claims were “utterly without merit” and were based on “false and sensationalist claims”.

Van Der Berkhans lawyers have accused his stepmother of deliberately making false allegations against him, in an attempt to “shatter” his reputation.

In the US, the media has largely refrained from investigating the celebrity allegations, in part because of the legal costs involved in suing celebrities.

Van der Begkts claims that the “mainstream media” has a “special relationship” with celebrities, despite its own lack of journalistic standards.

“There’s no place in the mainstream media for these kinds of stories,” he said.

The lawsuit claims that Van Der berks family are “influenced” by the likes of Prince, Madonna, Katy Perry and Beyonce.

Van Den Begke also alleged that he was bullied by his stepfather because he was a child actor.

“I felt so guilty because my parents were so angry,” he told The Independent.

“My stepfather has been abusive to me.”

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