Why are some species so resilient to climate change?

The planet’s ecological succession, or the diversity of plants and animals that make up ecosystems, has declined dramatically in recent decades.

But while many species have been hit hard by climate change, others have been resilient, according to research by a team of scientists.

“This is really an extraordinary story of resilience,” said Matthew Gershoff, an ecologist at the University of Texas at Austin who led the study.

Gersstein, who was not involved in the study, told ABC News the findings were “truly remarkable.”

The researchers examined the ecological succession for species in the United States, Australia, Canada, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and South Africa.

They found that only about half of the species they analyzed had been threatened by climate-related changes, including sea level rise, drought, pests and disease.

In some cases, these species had not even seen their range change at all.

“There are some amazing resilience stories that we haven’t heard about in the past,” said Gersheidson, whose research is published in the journal Science Advances.

“Some species are surviving in very high numbers.

Others are surviving by the skin of their teeth.”

One of the most resilient species, the endangered northern white-bellied woodpecker, was found to be “the most resilient,” according to the study published online last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The study found that the woodpeckers in the wild were surviving as well as ever, while its habitat had become less suitable for survival.

Scientists have long thought the northern white was a resilient species because it has a wide range of habitat and thrives in the wetter southern United States.

However, the team found that it was actually a vulnerable species because its range was so small.

“That’s the thing that really struck me,” Gershstein said.

A group of species that are both resilient and vulnerable The team found the northern woodpepper’s range was shrinking rapidly. “

You can’t really say there is no resilience in a species.”

A group of species that are both resilient and vulnerable The team found the northern woodpepper’s range was shrinking rapidly.

It has been found in the dry northern states of New York, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania, which all experienced significant drought.

But the scientists also found that some species had experienced declines in range and habitat.

“A couple of species have gone from being quite resilient to being relatively vulnerable, and they are the species that we’re seeing the greatest reduction in range,” Ganshoff said.

These include the rare northern white, which has been in the southeastern United States for at least 50 years.

“What is remarkable is that they are surviving, they are doing really well, and their range has not shrunk by a lot,” he said.

The researchers did not find any species that were not being affected by climate changes, such as the common bumblebee.

However the study also found other species that had suffered from climate change but were resilient.

These included the eastern redwood, which is found in New York state, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, and the western black locust, which occurs in central Arizona and western Nevada.

Ganshion said he and his colleagues had hoped to see this species become more resilient to change.

“But it’s been a slow and steady decline over the last 50 years,” he told ABC.

“They are still the species in trouble.”

Gershis work on the species is just the latest of the conservationists efforts to try to find resilient species.

Conservationists have been working to find a more resilient species since the 1950s, when they discovered the North American white-bearded woodpeider.

The species was considered a very vulnerable species, and there were no conservation efforts for it in the U.S. until 2010.

The new study, Gershelsons research and others are part of the efforts to find more resilient animals in the future.

For example, the U and U.K. have tried to create more resilient endangered species projects, including the American bison, the northern black locute, the black-footed boar and the black tigress.

In the U., they also created the North Carolina Endangered Species Task Force, which also includes a large effort to help native animals like the endangered western black-tailed deer.

“If you’re a conservationist, if you’re trying to conserve species, you have to have the capacity to recognize the challenges and to respond in a way that can get you a long-term sustainable solution,” Gertz said.

Gertzes research focuses on understanding how ecosystems respond to changing conditions, like changing temperatures, and how humans are altering those systems.

“We know that humans can have negative impacts, so if you can understand that, you can respond more effectively,” Genshhoff said, adding that it is important to understand how our actions affect the ecosystem.

For instance

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