Why are we spending so much time in the rainforest?

Scientists and conservationists are urging Congress to stop spending money on environmental studies that focus on how humans can mitigate the effects of climate change.

They say that studying how the climate will change over time and the ways that humans can adapt to that change, such as adapting to drought, are not only vital to helping the environment, but are also crucial to keeping people alive.

The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee voted Wednesday to ban all federal funding to study “the impacts of climate variability on the ecosystem,” which includes studies of human activities, species and the changing weather patterns, including changes in rainfall.

In other words, no new research funding for studying the effects on ecosystems of climate changes.

That includes studies on how climate change will affect the climate in the future, or how it will affect crops, crops that depend on rain, like tomatoes.

In some cases, researchers will even look at how climate changes could change crops and crops species, like wheat and corn.

In a new study, a team of researchers from the University of Michigan and the University at Buffalo surveyed more than 2,000 people and their local communities on how the environment has changed over time in a range of places from Mexico to the Bahamas.

The researchers found that people were less likely to say that the environment had improved over time, and more likely to think that changes in the environment have occurred in the past and will continue to occur in the coming decades.

They also found that those who felt the environment was more important were more likely than those who thought it was less important to say they would protect it from future changes in temperature, humidity and precipitation.

They did find, however, that those with more education were more willing to protect the environment from future climate change changes.

More to come on the Senate floor, but here are the basics.

This story has been updated to include comments from Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.).

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