Why are you doing the ecological restoration worksheet?

The Ecological Restoration Worksheet, which provides guidance for the conservation and management of natural ecosystems in the U.S., aims to improve understanding of how the earth’s systems are changing.

It was developed in partnership with Cornell University, Cornell University Earth Sciences Department, Cornell Human Ecology Department and Cornell University Environmental Science Department.

The work sheet is a set of five ecological restoration guidelines that are aimed at developing and sharing knowledge and skills related to the conservation, management, and restoration of natural systems.

“This is the first national resource developed in a collaborative way with Cornell, Cornell, and Cornell-led partners to provide a comprehensive and authoritative guide for conservation management and restoration, in partnership between the Cornell University Department of Earth Sciences and Cornell Human Earth Ecology Department, to support the conservation of the nation’s natural environments,” said Dr. Jennifer D. Purdy, an associate professor in the Cornell Department of Environmental Sciences.

According to the worksheet, the conservation work sheet includes an overview of natural resource management, conservation planning, and stewardship, as well as a discussion of the potential impacts of management decisions.

Its authors also describe the types of work performed in their natural resource and environmental restoration, as part of the conservation program.

One of the areas of the work sheet that is not covered in the guide is climate change.

While climate change has been the focus of some of the past conservation work sheets, the worksheets also include an overview on how the conservation effort can be scaled up to address other issues, such as water quality, land use, and the potential for climate change to cause ecological change.

The work sheets can be accessed through the Cornell Environmental Science Division website and can be purchased in bookstores, local bookstores and online at Cornell’s Environmental Science Lab.

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