Why We Can’t Get the Environment Right, a new book

The environmental movement has been plagued by a persistent lack of consensus and the politicization of the environmental movement in recent years, with both the left and right seeing their own agendas at odds with the needs of the planet.

Now, the authors of a new eco-book argue that the movement has had to change to address the need for consensus in order to move forward.

The book, The Ecological Justice of Ecological Reform, was written by the authors’ former colleagues, a group of environmental activists and climate scientists.

It is a timely and critical reminder of the importance of environmental justice, the new book argues.

It is hard to see what can be achieved without an ecologically progressive movement that has a vision of a world in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect, says Naomi Klein, co-founder of the New York-based climate change advocacy group 350.org.

We have to move to a world where we can have a more equitable distribution of wealth, and we need to recognize that there is a moral imperative to do it, Klein says.

But there is still a long way to go, Klein adds, before that vision becomes a reality.

“What is happening right now is that people in power have no choice but to go in and take away our rights and our freedoms, says Klein.

The only way we can start to rebuild is with an ecological justice movement.”

We have to start to talk about the issues we care about, like climate justice and biodiversity and land use and all the other issues that are important,” Klein says in an interview.

It’s not just climate change that has to be addressed, Klein argues.

Environmental justice must also include social justice.

It includes the need to protect the environment, she adds, including against the threats of climate change.”

If we are going to do environmental justice then we need a broader social justice movement,” Klein concludes.

To get there, she says, it’s important for environmentalists to understand the environmental justice movement is about not just getting things done, but also doing them in a way that’s just and equitable.

The book is not the first to argue for a global environmental justice campaign.

In 2012, a collection of books called “In Defense of the Earth” made waves by suggesting that a global green movement would be needed to address some of the world’s biggest environmental issues.

Klein says that while the book does not directly address the issue of climate justice, it does raise a few questions that have yet to be answered.”

The authors say the global environmental movement should consider a green strategy that focuses on environmental justice issues rather than on environmentalism as a whole. “

And the idea of a global climate movement that addresses the issues that people care about is really interesting, but it is still in its infancy.”

The authors say the global environmental movement should consider a green strategy that focuses on environmental justice issues rather than on environmentalism as a whole.

In addition to a new political strategy, the book also lays out several specific strategies for how the movement can begin to change the environmental narrative and improve its image.

The authors suggest that a new “environmental justice” movement is necessary because the environmental story is being lost, the “ecological agenda” is being hijacked by corporations and a “green economy” is destroying the planet, Klein concludes in a blog post.

We have an ecological crisis, she continues, and the environmental crisis is being experienced by people who care about the environment.

The author is a visiting scholar at New York University’s Center for Global Development.

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